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→ BIOGRAPHY     The loss of a parent is devastating for a child of any age, but imagine being five years old with no understanding of life and death, and one day your father does not come home. Unaware of what was really happening around him, five year old Grant watched in complete confusion as his older sister, brother and mother huddled together, arms wrapped around him with tears rolling down their cheeks. It would not be for many, many years down the line when Grant would learn that his father had lost a difficult fight with cancer thus resulting in being raised without a father. With his father no longer physically present in his life, the rest of the family made sure he was present in memory both by sharing his stories, and the B-horror films that he was the director of. As it seems, James Lanthone had left behind a nice filmography, one which would fuel Grant's love for terrible horror movies as he grew up. Once high school hit, Grant really started to dig into his fathers work, he felt that by at least doing this he would have some piece of the man he hardly knew, even now, at an age where he is old enough to know what happened and know what he missed out on, he keeps a well stocked collection of his fathers work for those days when he just needs to feel that connection he always wanted.

Following the loss of his father and the lack of understanding the heavy sadness filling his home, Grant spent as much time as possible trying to brighten the mood. From sunrise to sunset he would do everything in his power to get his sister, brother, and mother to laugh, from pretend falling down the stairs to farting super loud in a room of silence. One would assume as he got older that this would be a habit he would grow tired of, but it was not. As he got older he just knew when it was the right time vs. bad time to do something off the wall or ridiculous for a laugh. Everything he did in his early years was to make his family happy and forget about the loss of a loved one, he was the goofball, the impulsive one, and the one they really should have kept a better eye on because these traits would come back to make his teenage years extremely reckless.

On his first day of seventh grade his teacher gave a full and powerful speech reminding students of the dangers of peer pressure, bad seeds, and falling in with the wrong crowd. That day Grant walked down the hallway with pride in his chest and the promise to himself that he would never fall in with the bad seeds or the wrong crowd, but that he would remain close to his sixth grade friends and not let his seventh grade self change but by the end of that day Grant discovered that this was not something he should be afraid of because HE was the bad seed with the bad crowd, he was the one others seemed to steer clear of. He was reckless, impulsive, and had a very sharp tongue but all of this was with the intention of just having fun while also getting through the day. School was boring, everything the teachers said he already knew and his classmates all seemed so bored so he was just trying to make school fun, he didn't really see himself as a bad influence but his teachers and his classmates did, thus giving him a reputation he was not at all prepared for, but one he did kind of run with.

Once high school hit he found his own group of bad seeds to spend his time with. They were the kids who barely made a passing grade and slept through most classes, the kids who forged doctors notes to get out of gym class and almost always spent hours after school in detention. For most of high school he was one of those kids clogging all the bathrooms, pulling random pranks on his classmates and teachers, smoking weed in the hallway and making out with random girls under the stairs, he was living up to the reputation his group of friends had, but on the down low, he was also getting excellent grades. He pretended he didn't care, but he really loved school. He made straight A's all four years, had one of the top GPA's in his class and was even a front runner for valedictorian, but even if he did get the number one spot, he would not have been caught dead standing in front of his classmates spewing out some ridiculous speech that really was all a load of crap. Once high school ended he really hoped he would never have to see most of those people again.

College so far has turned out to be ten times better, he is able to be his lazy, weed smoking, trouble causing self while also not ashamed to get good grades. One thing he has yet to really take part of and really has no intention of ever, is drinking. He has been drunk a total of three times in his life and the morning after has always turned out to be the worst feeling in the world, one he would never wish on his enemies. He does not judge those who do drink, but he would much rather partake in weed, there is no horrible, painful come down from that, just the sweet sweet feeling of being chill 24-7. Currently he is in his junior year of college, enjoying the parties and the studies, majoring in architect with his own private dream of someday building something that will last.
grant lanthone

2.14.1995 & 20

BIRTHPLACE: huntington beach, ca

RESIDENCE: huntington beach, ca


occupation college student


→ FACTS ++ Ever since tenth grade history, Grant has been obsessed with J.F.K. and the conspiracy following his death. He is a believer that it was all planned and also has several other similar theories involving recent event..but those he will not really talk about.

++ After watching JAWS, he was afraid to even go to the bathroom without checking the toilet first, sometimes even shining a flashlight in the bowl.

++ Has had six hamsters in his life, all of which mysteriously either vanished or died. Following the passing of these animals, he would bury them in his closest friends backyard which now appears to be a very tiny cemetery.

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